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Instructions for the Use

Pretreatment of Desmovit® Granules

Desmovit® absorbs moisture from the environment. Thus the material has to be dried before processing. In order to ensure a fault-free processing and to avoid quality losses, we recommend a pre-drying to a moisture content of 0.05 %. A granulate that is too humid can cause blisters or flowmarks on the surface of the finished parts. Depending on the density of the material, we recommend a drying temperature of 80 °C to 110 °C for a max. of 4 hours in dry-air driers. Dried, hot granulate must not be cooled exposed to air.

Colouring of Desmovit®

With respect to colour matching, geba fully complies with your wishes. Based on your sample or on RAL-, Pantone- or HKS colour charts, geba matches the desired shade. Compounds for special effects such as high-gloss metallic effects which make laborious varnishing redundant, are also possible.

Desmovit® Pro Environment

Desmovit® is not harmful to health or to the environment according to EU Directives 2006/121/EG or 1999/45/EG with their respective applicable amendments and derived national directives. All types of the Desmovit® product series are practically water-insoluble, because of this fact and the material's consistency, no ecological problems are expected when handled properly.

Recycling, Exploitation and Disposal

Desmovit® is suitable for mechanical recycling. It can be remelted and re-processed into new moulded parts after having been suitably prepared. We will gladly compile a recycling concept based on your requirements. If reutilisation is impossible due to heavy impurities or inhomogeneous rejects, Desmovit® can - subject to local and official regulations - be deposited with the domestic waste and burnt in approved incinerators with reduced air-polluting emissions.

Our application engineers are available to answer any further questions. Please also refer to our material safety data sheets.