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Desmovit® R
Reinforced TPU Compounds

Wear-resistant, cold impact resistant, heat-resistant,
noise absorbing, paintable and printable:
these are major characteristics of reinforced TPU.

The reinforced thermoplastic polyurethanes Desmovit® R combine a very high level of wear-resistance with very good impact resistance, even at low temperatures. They offer an outstanding heat resistance as well as a coefficient of expansion similar to that of aluminium. Desmovit® R achieves a good paintability and printability as well as, for plastics, an exceptionally good noise absorbance. Ease of flow and a high-level of reproductional accuracy perfect the property profile of this multifunctional material group.

Reinforced TPU are mainly used in the field of stressed casings in the electrical and household appliances industry. TPU are also predestined for functional parts in sporting goods and toys of which a high level of reliability are expected. The wear-resistance as well as the outstanding mechanical properties of Desmovit® R convince when used for agricultural machinery, industrial components and in automobile engineering.

Naturally, Desmovit® R is available in every colour imaginable!

Possible Reinforcing Agents for Desmovit®

  • Glass fibres of different length to improve mechanical properties
  • Glass beads to improve dimension stability and reduce shrinkage affinity
  • Carbon fibres to increase strength while maintaining a lower density

Ester Model Series

Ester-based injection molding type with a ratio of 20% glass fiber
high level of mechanical strength, good flexibility at low temperature, good noise absorption, very good colorability and printability, excellent heat & oil resistance, high abrasion resistance, easy to bond
Shoe soles, shin guards, midsoles for special shoes, standard automotive applications such as: brackets, hot air intakes, side sills, shift knobs, roof rails, front spoiler, side shields, handles for walking sticks, controls, wear parts for agricultural machinery & harvester, industrial component construction, mechanical and tribologically highly stressed components in exterior use, technical units with low friction coefficients, cup holders, center console, skate roller core, role core chair, camping items such as tent poles


Ether Model Series

Ether-based injection molding type with a ratio of 20% glass fiber
very high stiffness, extreme impact strength and flexibility at low temperature, very good hydrolysis and microbial resistance, seawater proof, good UV resistance, high shock resistance & high flexibility, good noise absorption, excellent colorability and printability
mechanically highly stressed components of technical applications (indoor and outdoor), protectors for skiing, horse riding and motor sports, fishing net sinker, helmets, winter sport products such as ski tips, ski edge protection parts, ski bindings, ski boots, goggles, housings in the offshore area, ...