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Desmovit® LFC
Electrically Conductive TPU

Electrically conductive TPU convince with
safe protection from discharge with sparks,
high mechanical load capacity and pleasing haptics.

The Desmovit® LFC product range offers an outstanding electrical conductibility combined with first-class mechanical values. Additives evenly disseminated in the plastics guarantee reproducible conductibility properties of the entire component in application. Unlike antistatically equipped plastics, components made of Desmovit® LFC are not only conductive on the surface, but throughout the whole structure. In addition, neither specific environmental conditions nor a certain humidity are required to achieve the desired permanent conductibility.

Due to Desmovit® LFC's outstanding properties, the material is indispensable wherever damage caused by electrostatic charge has to be avoided. Therefore, Desmovit® LFC is highly suitable for most components used in the electrical and electronic industry.

Possible applications are e.g. components and packaging for delicate electrical and electronic devices as well as containers for storage and transport.

Like in the chemical industry, Desmovit® can be used wherever there is a danger of explosion caused by electrical sparks.

For everyday appliances conductive TPU compounds provide for pleasing haptics and an agreeable grip because the surface no longer emits an electrostatic charge when touched. Conductive TPU compounds are becoming more important in the soles of work safety shoes.


Ester and Ether Model Series

Injection moulding types with a high level of electrical conductivity

Desmovit® DP LFC 3379*
Based on ester
Shore hardness: 79A
Field of application: conductive soles of work safety shoes

Desmovit® DP LFC 4384*
Shore hardness: 84 A
Properties: oil-resistant, antistatically equipped ester type
Field of application: motor housing components with requirements towards electrostatic chargeability, electronic sensors with oil contact

Desmovit® DP LFC 9350*
Shore hardness: 50 D
Properties: based on ether, outstanding conductibility
Field of application: tubes and canisters especially for flammable liquids, feed and ventilating pipes, films