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Desmovit® FB
Colour and Functional Batches

Brilliant colours, high performance and efficiency, pleasing haptics, specific surface finishes, but defined mechanical properties.

Colour Masterbatch Desmovit® FB

To allow the effective and efficient colouring of Desmovit®, a large colour masterbatch range based on Desmopan® is available. Individual colour matching as well as colour effects are also possible – entirely up to our customers' requests or fields of application.

Extrusion Stabiliser Desmovit® FB 2887E

Desmovit® FB2887E is an innovative extrusion stabiliser based on Desmopan® ester TPU. It stabilises the extrusion of TPU of the brand Desmopan® with respect to pressure, torque etc. In most of the cases it reduces the torque of the extruder by 20 - 30%, improves the melt loading amount and – depending on the application – also increases the flow rate.

Further Properties
The extrusion stabiliser Desmovit® FB 2887E

  • has good melting properties
  • is compatible with all established types of Desmopan®
  • averts injection nozzle deposits
  • improves the quality of the extrudate, especially with respect to tubes and profiles
  • increases the flow rate by up to 30%, especially with respect to profile extrusion of driving belts
  • allows a temperature reduction with respect to tube extrusion facilitating the calibration
  • has mechanical properties at the level of standard TPU models
  • is free from plasticisers and halogens
  • may affect the transparency of the extrudate

Dosing Recommendation
0.5 - 1.0 % Desmovit® FB 2887E


Functional Batch Desmovit® FB 2886M for Matt Surfaces

Desmovit® FB 2886M is an innovative functional batch for the extrusion of TPU of the make Desmopan®. It can be either used as an anti-blocking agent in the extrusion blow moulding of films or as a matting agent for tubes and profiles. It stands out due to its compatibility with all established types of Desmopan®.

Further Properties
The functional batch Desmovit® FB 2886M

  • has good melting properties
  • achieves an unexcelled, silky feel of surface
  • allows adjustability of a wide-range matt finishes by varying the dosing and regulation of injection nozzle head temperature
  • is free from plasticisers and halogens
  • does not alter the mechanical properties of the basis material.

Dosing Recommendation
5 - 10 % Desmovit® FB 2886M – depending on application