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Desmovit® DP R Eco

Environmentally friendly,
high mechanical stability,
abrasion-resistant & optimised weight.

Our new product line Desmovit® DP R Eco is based on TPU compounds made of Desmopan reinforced with natural fibres.

The product series is at the moment available with a 10 %, 15 % and 20 % stake of natural fibres.

The advantages of the new Desmovit® DP R Eco line compared to fibre-glass reinforced types are the lower density and the improved mechanical properties.

With respect to products and components in the sports and automotive sector Desmovit DP® R Eco is - due to the reduced weight - especially suitable as an alternative to the up-to-date used fibre-glass reinforced plastic materials.

Application examples are Nordic Walking sticks, tent poles, shoe soles, bicycle helmets, saddlebags, housing, car underbody protection, gearshift lever knobs.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email » info@geba.eu.